Guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

1 – Confetti

Throwing confetti over the newlywed couple not only makes one of the most romantic wedding photos but it gets your guests involved and injects a bit of excitement after the ceremony.
Spare a thought for the environment and check out biodegradable confetti options, Click Here.
*Just check with your ceremony venue to make sure they allow this.

2 – Toss The Bouquet!

This can be a lot of fun and give some good laughs, but to avoid any awkward moments, I would only do this if you know you’ll have a lot of single friends at your wedding.

3 – Singers Incognito

You’ve probably been to a wedding by now were the waiter drops a tray, everyone looks at him and then he bursts into song. For your guests, it can be a great surprise and a lot of excitement. If you’ve got friends that you know will be on top of the tables swinging their napkins over their heads then go for it!
To see a list of acts available in Northern Ireland Click Here.

4 – Mr & Mrs Game (or Mrs and Mr/Mrs and Mr Game)

There will be a few paddle slaps around the head! Get to know your partner and give your guests a laugh. Just remember, no matter the answers it’s too late to go back now!
Check out the rules, Click Here.

5 – Sparklers

I’m not suggesting you draw a heart or try and write the year with them (please don’t do that to us!) The best way to do this is to include all your guests, get them lined up in two rows with the longest sparklers you can buy and then walk/dance/twirl as you come up through them.

6 – Fireworks

A nice final touch and one that your guests will love.

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