Previous couples shared their top tips on how to stay relaxed and enjoy it!

1 – Music in the morning! Nothing changes the atmosphere more than good music. Silence is deafening on a wedding day, especially during morning preparations. Make a playlist of your favourites to get the party mood started. Get speakers that you can play it on, don’t just rely on your iPhone. This will lighten the mood and lift everyone’s spirits!

2 – Limit the number of people in the morning. You’ve got to think about yourself. Lots of people, lots of noise, less space, more problems. Think about who you want with you in the morning. Only have the people who are very special to you and who will put you first.

3 – Create a good timeline and stick to it if you can. We know that weddings don’t always run on time and if that’s the case just go with it. It’ll all be fine. But it’s still important to plan your timeline to give you a good guide so your make-up isn’t being done at the same time as the ceremony is due to begin! The best people to help you plan this are your vendors. Talk with your hairstylist and makeup artist. Let them know exactly who they will be doing. If someone comes to you later on and wants to be included let them know so they can factor it in and adjust their timeline. We strongly advise you to make it clear to them that you want everyone finished 1 hour before you’re due to leave. This will allow enough time to get dressed and for photographs without everything turning into a stampede!

4 – Make sure people know what they’re doing, and then tell them again… and again… and yep, one more time! Who is taking the bags to the hotel, who is making sure the orders of service are at the church, who is helping the bride get into her dress, who is helping the bride get out of her dress (this one probably isn’t open for debate!) There are quite a few things that need to be done on a wedding day and it shouldn’t fall on you to do them. People will be happy to help so make sure to ask them ahead of time so they don’t get themselves in a panic! Think about who will be right for the role, who you can rely on. This isn’t the time to hope someone can prove themselves and change a bad track record!

5 – Don’t chase perfection! If you expect everything to go perfectly then you’re setting yourself up to be tortured. It’s a wedding day. Things will change slightly from the plan. There isn’t any point in worrying about it and letting that ruin more of your day. Just breath, shrug it off and move on.

6 – Make sure you know HOW! Simple things can cause unnecessary anxiety. Too often I see the guys not able to pin on their flower or not able to tie their bow tie. It’s not just the guys. What happens when the hairstylist leaves and the headpiece falls out or the veil gets blown away. You need to have someone who isn’t trying to learn this from a Youtube video on the day! Check out our How-To Wedding Day Guide for some tips on this.

7 – Hire a good team! This is one of the most important ones. There isn’t anything that can change your mood more than the team of people you have around you on your day. They need to be experienced and professional and gel with your personality. You don’t want the makeup artist dominating the conversation with stories about her cats! You will be spending a lot of your time with these people, especially the photographer, so make sure you meet them or at least video call them before you book.

8 – Essential Footwear! High heels look great but you might need alternatives for different parts of the day. Are you going to the beach or a forest for your photos? You might want to bring welly boots. If you forget he can always carry you! It’s a long day for your feet, and for your guests’ feet. Be kind to them. Have flip flops or slippers for the evening dancing.

9 – Don’t let the weather get you down. We live in Northern Ireland. Even a July wedding can throw a curveball. Buy some stylish umbrellas that will actually create cool photos. We also advise hiring your photographer for the full day, right through to the first dance. If it really is chucking it down during the day then you will still have the opportunity to go out later. Evening shots in the rain look amazing!

10 – Keep it intimate. Limit the number of people. Don’t feel obliged to invite your mother’s sisters cousins nieces piano teacher! You will have to talk to these people no doubt, as everybody will want to talk to you. Do you want the precious time on your day to be spent making small talk with people you don’t know?

11 – Find the right venue. The venue plays a HUGE part in creating the atmosphere on the day. A hotel might be running 3 weddings on the same day. That’s a lot of people roaming around the place and 2 too many brides! Think about the alternatives. There are some amazing alternatives that we have always noticed our couples have been more relaxed and had a smile on their faces. Check out our Top 5 Wedding Venues.

12 – Have a DRINK! Enough said.

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